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Ready to restore the glory of your hardwood floors?

Madera provides expert sanding and polishing services to remove wear and blemishes from all types of hardwood floors. The service is also a great choice for maximising the natural beauty and texture of your floor’s wood grain.

You can count on us for sanding and polishing services for either your commercial or residential property in any part of Australia.

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Sanding & polishing to restore your floors

If you have scratches, dirt, stain marks, and other blemishes that you’d like to get off your floorboards, our sanding services can get the results you want. Our sanding services also deliver even flooring by covering holes and cracks.

After sanding, we provide polishing services to give your hardwood floor a natural, luxuriant, and long-lasting sheen. The polishing also has the benefit of protecting your hardwood floor against shrinkage, expansion, and other wear and tear.

Regardless of the type of hardwood floor you have or the size of your project, we can deliver top-notch results within the shortest time.

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Getting you the best results

Different wood flooring types require different approaches to sanding and polishing. Thanks to our experience with various types of timber and other wood floors in Australia, we know the best approach for working on your commercial or residential floor.

Depending on the hardwood floor type and your desired goals, we may use a water-based polyurethane or an oil-based finish for your polishing.

  • Water-based Polyurethane: Unlike solvent-based polyurethane that takes 24 hours to dry, water-based variants take 3 to 5 hours to dry. This is one reason why it is the preferred option for those who want a lasting and non-toxic polish coating that delivers quick results. But they are also more expensive than solvent-based polishes.

  • Oil-based finishes: A more sustainable and natural solution that enhances the natural beauty of timber floors. Its finish is durable even though it doesn’t create a plastic cover like polyurethane solutions. But drying takes much longer – up to 48 hours in some cases.

In all scenarios, we only use the best quality sanding and polishing products to meet the unique needs of each client.

The importance of maintenance

Establishing a regular cleaning program will greatly assist in keeping floors in pristine condition. There are many aspects that affect how often the floor requires cleaning and these include the degree of grit present (particularly from children and pets), type of exterior and interior matting used, the level of traffic, type of footwear and general conditions of the area outside the house. Spills should be mopped up when they occur and any leaks must be attended to immediately. 

Scuff marks or stubborn stains may be removed with light rubbing using a wood floor cleaner. As some cleaners can attack certain types of coating, use where possible the cleaning regime specified by the coatings manufacturer – alternatively always test rub an isolated area of floor to verify compatibility of the cleaner used to the coating.

For regular cleaning of domestic floors an antistatic mop provides an effective means of collecting dust and grit. Steam mops are not recommended on polished floors as they can cause damage to certain types of coatings. They may also cause ‘lipping’ on floating floors.

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Ready for a hardwood floor with an excellent and lasting finish?

We are among Australia’s leading providers of luxurious and sustainable hard surface solutions with lasting results. When in need of sanding and polishing services that fully satisfy your residential and commercial flooring requirements, give us a call.

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