Custom Staining and Limewashing Services in Sydney, Australia


Is the current colour of your hardwood floor unsatisfying?

To change things up, you don’t need to go through the cost and stress of replacing your entire wood flooring. Instead, contact us for custom stain and lime wash services to achieve your desired aesthetics.

At Madera, we provide custom stain and lime washing services to rejuvenate and change the colour of hardwood floors. The service is budget-friendly and is available for both commercial and residential properties throughout Australia.

Get your hardwood floor looking brand new and the perfect shade by booking with us for custom wood floor staining or lime washing services.

Custom staining to rejuvenate your interior decor

We deliver floor staining services to improve the colour of timber floors and other types of wood flooring. Even though the service changes the colour of the floor, it won’t negatively impact the natural look and luxury feel of your wood floor.

We accomplish this by using the best quality materials to dye the wooden floor and give it a darker and richer hue. The service is especially useful if you’ve had your wood floor for years and you’d like to rejuvenate its aesthetics.

Pick a floor colour to match your unique needs and personality, and we will provide a bespoke wood floor staining service to deliver exactly what you want. And if you are uncertain about which staining colour or shade will be the perfect fit for your interior, our experts can provide you with excellent recommendations.

Contact us today to book for custom staining services that really let the beauty of your wood floor shine.

Lime washing to brighten your floors

Different types of hardwood floors respond differently to lime washing. With our expertise, we can determine the best lime washing product and process to deliver the desired results on your specific type of hardwood floor.

This service is an inexpensive solution for making your wood floor a lighter shade without damaging it.

Why choose our custom staining and lime washing services?

For years, we have been the first choice for Australians who want quality and creative flooring solutions. But that’s not all.

By choosing us for custom stain and lime wash services, you can look forward to:

  • Convenient scheduling
  • Quick delivery
  • Lasting results
  • Professional and mess-free workmanship
  • Use of sustainable products

Australia’s leading flooring professionals at your service

Ready for stain and lime wash services to rejuvenate the colour and visual appeal of your timber floor?

Madera can deliver exactly what you need without negatively impacting your wood floor’s natural character and beauty. You can rely on our expertise to darken or lighten the colour of your timber or other hardwood floors quickly and with lasting results.

Get a free estimate now.

You can also contact us to speak to one of our timber floor experts and find out more about how we can improve your wood floors.

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