Outdoor Timber Decking Installation Services in Sydney, Australia

Looking to add more living space to your home?

Madera Floors can deliver exactly that and more by installing outdoor timber decking. It’s a great addition that adds not only useable space to your home but can also boost your property’s market value.

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Outdoor timber decking installation

As long as you have the space, there are several great reasons to install an outdoor timber decking. By working with an expert like us for the installation of your outdoor decking, you will get exactly the results you want and also save money.

We deliver the best results by first carefully assessing the property to determine the best design to install. For the actual installation, we use only the best materials. In Australia, high-grade timber, because of its durability, beauty, and versatility, is the number one choice for all outdoor deck projects.

High-grade timber is more resistant to fading, shrinking, and other wear due to Australian weather. We take things even further by treating the wood to enhance its resilience in the face of harsh weather elements. With proper maintenance, the external timber decking we install can last a lifetime.

Apart from using top-notch materials, we train our Sydney-based staff in the best flooring installation practices. We also equip them with the latest tools. You can trust us to be efficient and professional when installing your outdoor timber decking.

Handyman installing wooden flooring in patio, working with drilling machine
Outdoor timber decking

Outdoor timber decking repair and maintenance

Even though timber is highly durable, structures made out of timber still require maintenance. Maintenance is even more important when the structure is outdoors and exposed to the elements, like an outdoor timber decking. The Madera team can provide you with maintenance services to keep your outdoor decking strong and looking brand new for years. That includes sanding and polishing, and more. For your convenience, you can schedule for regular maintenance or one-off visits from our team. Regardless of the option you choose, we keep the service affordable. We also provide repair services to restore or replace any aspect of a timber decking that you may already have.

Types of outdoor timber decking we install

If uncertain about where you’d like your outdoor timber decking installed, our experts can recommend the perfect spot on your property.

We can also recommend various outdoor decking styles and designs. The most suitable type for your property will depend on your budget, available space, and your unique goals.

Regardless of the type we install, you have our guarantee that it will be safe and installation will be quick. You can also look forward to other benefits like:

  • Quick maintenance and repair services
  • Hassle-free scheduling
  • Professional and clean workmanship
  • Competitive and transparent prices

For a luxurious outdoor decking where you, your family, and friends can relax, enjoy barbecues, and much more, contact us today to discuss your options.

Modern house with garden swimming pool and wooden deck